Watercolour and letterpress

Watercolour and letterpress

For a while I have been working with watercolour paints, and I love how it gives a soft look. I wanted to create a wreath design which we are seeing quite a bit with the latest stationery trends. After a few attempts, we were happy with the painted layout, and the colours. We then scanned our finished painting, and cleaned it up in our editing programs.


Then we began designing an invitation, mixing letterpress and the classic foiling together. Printing plates were made and our 1960’s German built printing machine was set up to print the letterpress in a cool grey.



After we had printed them, we set up our hot foiling plates made from solid steel in a different machine and hand pressed each name in a beautiful metallic gold foil.

We trimmed and rounded the edges, and begun to design our new amazing Euro flap envelopes. We colour matched the colours of the watercolour leaves to print the address labels in our dry toner printers.


Many hours were spent designing, paining and printing just one invitation – from the watercolour, to the letterpress, to the hot foil, to the address labels, four separate printing machines were set up.

It is a creative journey for each design. From the initial idea, to seeing the finished invitation, all made with love 🙂

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