The World of Envelopes

The World of Envelopes

You would think that envelopes would be just an addition to beautiful invitations. These days we are seeing a great trend where the envelopes can also be part of the design, using beautiful colours and calligraphy style addressing.

Our main invitation sizes are smaller than an A5 but larger than a standard invitation square shape, and finding the perfect size is not as common here in Australia. There are a few floating around, some can be digitally printed on directly, some need address labels, and not in the abundance of colours we would love to see. Even due to the nature of the porous papers, some envelopes are not sealing efficiently.

So we have had a huge project, designing our very own classy envelopes, being made here in Australia, with an easy peel and seal style so they will seal every time. We can digitally print on them, or use the address labels or hand address them! An envelope for any style.

We have also sourced some delicious colours arriving from overseas. So soon we can brighten up the letterboxes and add some flair to stand out from all the everyday mail.

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